The picture, layout themes, project landscape, elevation, projection, deck, service areas, dry yards, plans, specifications, dimensions, designs, measurements, locations amenities etc. shown in the collateral/brochure are artistic/ inspiration/ Imagination and tentative in nature and all locations and/or dimensions depicted in the drawing of the layout and/or landscape are indicative of the kind of development that is proposed by the promoters and not to scale and are subject to change and may vary/differ as may be required by the competent authority and/or the promoters, or construction contingencies or construction variance or site conditions or final plans and that the actual product/ development and any other aspect may differ from what is portrayed herein. The podium/stilt area has no vehicular excess, except the fire engine. All the amenities shall be completed in a phased manner. The plans are subject the changes/ modifications / amendments (without notice) as per the architect/RCC consultant/ MEP consultant or other concerned authorities. The Intended recipient/reader/viewer/interested party should note that these are to be treated as purely provisional, Informative and tentative subject to the approval of authorities or otherwise and the promoters reserve their right to make changes and alterations at their sole discretion. None of the images, material, stock photography, projections, elevation details, descriptions and other information are displayed/ contained on the website and brochures. are intended or shall amount to any advertisement, assurance, claim, inducem information, invitation, obligation, offer, proposal, representation, solicitation, or warranty of any nature for any purposes whatsoever including within the purview of the Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act, 2016 (RERA) or otherwise. The finalized details, specifications and particulars with respect to layout themes, project landscapes, amenities etc. of the Project and/or the balance building/ layout shall be indicated in the Agreement for Sale that may be executed between the promoters and the purchaser and not otherwise. While reasonable care has been taken in fashioning this advertisement/brochure, any intended recipient/reader/viewer/Interested party should verify all the information with the promoters prior to purchase in the Project. The promoters shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. The promoters shall not be liable for any consequences and/or actions taken by the intended recipient/reader/viewer/interested party relying on the material or information from this advertisement or any Information provided by the Real Estate Agent/ Broker/Channel Partner without independently verifying with the promoters. By using or accessing the Website and brochures, the intended recipient/reader/viewer/interested party agrees with this Disclaimer. We are offering for sale, an unfurnished apartment & not including add-ons such as furniture and fixtures unless specially incorporated in the agreement for sale. Maximum variance (+/-) of 3% in the RERA carpet area may occur on account of planning constraints/ site conditions/columns/ furnishing. All these dimensions are unfurnished structural dimensions. In the toilet, the carpet area is inclusive of ledge walls. RERA carpet area, C.B., deck, and dry yard areas are subject to approval from Thane Municipal Corporation.